Searching for a file on a mobile device could be a pain if the platform doesn’t have a native file manager and specifically if you have to sift through apps to locate the file you need. Windows Phone was one such platform, but with the latest update Microsoft has finally added a native Files app that will allow users to open files located anywhere on the device and edit them.

The Files app doesn’t provide a rich interface as you may find on a PC, but that doesn’t rule out its effectiveness. You will be able to get almost all the features that most file managers are equipped with including accessing files from SD card and phone memory, sharing one or multiple files, basic folder creation/copying/renaming options, moving and deletion options among other things.

The native file manager is only available to Windows Phone 8.1 which is still in developer preview mode meaning that Windows Phone 8 users will not be able to use it. However, chances are that if the file app proves to be a hit, Microsoft may port it to Windows Phone 8 as well.

“The Files app allows you to access all the files stored on your phone. If your phone supports expandable memory with an SD card, like the Lumia 1520, you can use the Files app to access files on the SD card as well. You can browse through files and folders, open and search for files that are on the phone or on SD card storage” noted Microsoft in a blog post.

“You can create new folders and arrange your files across those folders using move and copy functions and you can also rename and delete your files. And you also have the ability to share one or many files on your phone with your friends, family or work colleagues.”

  • Dean Codemo

    It can’t be ported to windows phone 8 because it relies on new APIs that were introduced in windows phone 8.1.

  • dude_creative

    Hahhaaha. Android has it for nearly 5 years

  • Keaton Fairey

    android has also sucked for the last 5 years.

  • chaitanya

    Android never sucked. It’s noob users and iCrap fans sucked