PayPal ‘still kicking the tires’ to bring Touch ID to mobile apps


Recent reports suggest PayPal has initiated integrating iPhone 5S fingerprint scanning technology into its mobile payment apps just days after a Touch ID API was announced by Apple during its WWDC keynote held earlier this week on Monday.

According to Business Insider, a team of PayPal developers on Thursday attended a session on Touch ID, the iPhone maker’s alleged fingerprint-scanning system, at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, to gain more insight on the new API, which was recently opened to third-party use.

PayPal’s senior director of global initiatives, Anuj Nyar in an email, confirmed the news that the company developers had attended the session.

“It seems to be a fairly easy API to use, but we’re still kicking the tires,” a PayPal source said.

Until now, the iPhone Touch ID fingerprint scanner has only been available for use either to unlock the phone or authorize iTunes Store purchases. However, with iOS 8 official release this fall, the scenario would change when developers would enable users to authorize their e-commerce transactions with a fingerprint scan instead of a typed password.

Apple is also rumoured to be developing its own Touch ID integrated mobile payment service. However, the service might take a couple of years more to get rolled out. Reportedly, the iPad maker is also in talks with PayPal about a possible mobile payment system partnership.