In an effort to help people who nod off in public transportation, Google has reportedly updated its Google Now services with a new alarm feature that alerts users when they should exit the transportation.

According to Android Police, when users log into Google Now when in a public transport, the app will display options to set a destination. The app may then consult maps and calculate the time the users would reach their destination considering all the stops in between.

The approximate time would then be displayed which the users can confirm by tapping it. Users can set an alarm on their device when they are in a public transport and relax without worrying about missing their stop.

The alarm will go off a little ahead of the estimated time so that you can get ready to get off the transportation. It also gives you the option of turning it off if you change your mind. It does not coordinate with the clock on the Android platform which means that it will work only if you keep Google Now open.

However, there is no word yet about how the feature will calculate the timings and how it detects that you are in a public transportation. There is also no mention about who will be able to use this feature and if it will be available for all Android platforms. It is also uncertain whether Google New users on iOS devices will get to use this feature or not.