Tango rolls out new media content channels


Tango on Tuesday announced the launch of Tango Channels that will bring media brand’s content and updates into the app.

The company said its new opt-in feature will allow its 200 million worldwide users to browse new “Channels” in entertainment, news, sports and other categories to discover articles, videos, songs and other content.

“Tango uniquely blends messaging, social discovery and content into one platform. This is a huge differentiation from all other messengers. Tango members now have even more exciting ways to connect with others through shared interests and premium content, whether it’s talking about the latest viral video or last night’s baseball game,” said Uri Raz, founder and CEO of Tango.

“We’re thrilled to kick off Tango Channels with such an exciting set of content publishers and brands, enabling them to spark conversations on Tango.”

Tango’s initial launch partners will include Spotify, AOL, Cambio, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and StyleList; CheezBurger; Dailymotion; Getty; 500px; 8tracks Internet radio; WhoSay; and musical artists OK Go and Slash. In addition, the company confirmed a Vevo Channel on Tango will be coming soon.

Using Tango channels, users will now be able to browse Channels, select favourite Channels to follow, and discover videos, photos and posts to share with their Tango friends in their conversations within the app.

The latest version of Tango with Channels is now available for download on Google Play or the iTunes App Store.