Nominet: 50,000 .uk domain name registrations within 24 hours


Businesses in the UK are seemingly ecstatic about the launch of .uk domain name as over 50,000 domain names have been registered within 24 hours of going live – beating previous launch records by a huge margin.

“More than 50,000 domains were registered, making this one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record, and beating the first day sales for all of the current batch of new generic Top Level Domains by a large margin”, announced Nominet in a press release.

Eleanor Bradley, Chief Operating Officer at Nominet, revealed that consumers and businesses are showing a lot of trust in the new .uk domain and this is evident from the ten-fold increase in registration rates.

Businesses and individuals in possession of a domain name will be given the opportunity to register a shorter .uk domain first.

Interested individuals and firms can register a .uk domain name for just £3.50 for a single year and £2.50 for multi-year registrations.

Nominet is marking the launch of .uk domain name by placing the worlds largest sign at the Heathrow airport. The sign reads and is readable from as high as 35,000 feet because its letters are 40 percent larger than the letters that make up ‘Hollywood’ sign.