Watch Dogs is set to receive a major update that packs a bunch of game fixes on all platforms including PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Major game fixes including those that address issues with corrupted save files and inability to use hacks in the game.

Game play fixes include those that resolve several mission-breaking bugs, minor mission and item-related issues and issue that caused the empty weapon-wheel.

The update will also bring with it fixes for multiplayer bug including minor respawn issue and connection and session joining issues.

Most number of bug resolutions are to do with PC – some 14 in number – including fix for graphical glitches on Low & Medium settings; crashes on SLI configurations; “Drinking Game” control issue where wrong information was displayed when played with a gamepad; “Chess Game” control issue; several graphical and texture bugs among others.

PS4 and PS3 players should expect the update to hit their consoles today followed by PC users over the next few days and Xbox users within next week.