Google may be weighing in options for investing in another subsea cable across the pacific ocean for its private network to connect data centres in Oregon and Japan, The Wall Street Journal reports citing sources familiar with the matter.

The report claims that the latest investment would be Google’s second such investment as back in 2010 it invested millions of dollars in $300 million cable whose work finished in 2010.

The cable wasn’t only meant for Google as generally telecom companies bundle multiple fibre cables together for their own networks and share the cost of construction.

The move seems to be mainly motivated by increasing need to control the quality and prioritization of traffic internally – even before it reaches to the public networks.

The report notes that much of Google’s bandwidth is reserved for its internal or private ‘B4’ network that is used to transport emails, YouTube videos among other traffic before it reaches the public networks.

According to one estimate internet companies, banks and research organisations use 25 percent of international bandwidth to send and receive information through their private networks and at some corridors, private networks account for as much as 40 percent of the traffic.

  • Harry Clark

    Fascinating reading a Google “private” sub sea data cable, If we are to believe what Edward Snowden claimed there can surely be no such thing since “America’s National Security Agency” and others have full and free access to tap into all such cables as they choose ?