Mozilla is prepping a video streaming dongle based on the Firefox OS, to take on Google’s Chromecast, claims a new report.

The report suggests that Mozilla is partnering with an undisclosed company to develop the device; however, Mozilla was quick to deny the rumour and in a response stated, “Firefox OS is an open platform freely available for any company to build on without restrictions.”

However, sources close to the project have started revealing minor details, though not much has been shared yet.

Christian Heilmann, a Mozilla evangelist tweeted a picture of a “fully open TV casting prototype device running Firefox OS” a few days back. The project had remained in the dark until Heilmann spilled the beans.

The yet-to-be-named device was also discussed on a blog post by Janko Roettgers of Gigaom as an “ambitious project that aims to combine Mozilla’s commitment to openness with a Chromecast-like media streaming device.” Roettgers has also mentioned that he has been close to the project for quite some time.

Google’s Chromecast has certain restrictions and limits on the types of apps that are compatible with the device. While any kind of improvement was expected with the latest release Cast SDK, users received an update with similar restrictions which disappointed some of them.

The list of enabled apps for Google’s Chromecast Dongle includes Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora Radio, HBO GO, Google Play music, Play Movies and a few more.