Misfit has announced a partnership deal with Pebble that turns the smartwatch into a fitness tracker with the newly launched activity tracking application Misfit Shine.

As part of the deal, the Misfit app will be available for download from the Pebble appstore for free. With the help of this new app, Pebble smartwatch wearers will now be able to easily count their steps and track other activities in a single glance.

Moreover, the Misfit app for Pebble will connect with the soon to be available Misfit iOS app update to enable users to set goals, track their activity and additional metrics like burned calories and distance travelled, share their successes and compete with friends.

Pebble announced the deal in a blog post stating “This is the first milestone in an ongoing partnership and collaboration between Pebble and Misfit that aims to provide intuitive health and fitness tracking for all.”

The smartwatch maker said right now its goal is to focus on expanding software functions. Pebble already has fitness specialists including RunKeeper, Strava and Puma in its collaborators list. But the company expects its partnership with Misfit might just go even further than its other partnerships.

“We’re delighted to provide our fitness tracking technology to Pebble; we want to see this capability offered to as many users as possible,” said Sonny Vu, founder and CEO of Misfit.