Twitter testing ‘retweet with comment’ to replace ‘quote a tweet’


Twitter is reportedly changing the way users retweet giving more room to share their thoughts, but still within the constraints of 140 characters.

Mashable reports that Twitter is experimenting with a new “Retweet with comment” feature to replace the “Quote Tweet” feature, that would showcase the original tweet in a Twitter Card format with the entire 140 characters left to make a comment.

The “quote tweet” feature available as of now, places the original tweet within quotation marks, which takes up a lot characters, leaving very less for the users to insert as comment.

Twitter is currently testing the new “retweet with comment” feature with a select user base. The feature was first spotted by Mashable when Twitter’s Head of Product Communications, Carolyn Penner, was trying it out on her timeline.

However, the test has likely gone beyond with random users trying it out as well. Twitter is already flooded with tweets related to “retweet with comment” and the disappearance of “quote tweet” feature. So far, the users don’t seem to be amused:

“Srsly twitter? I don’t wanna “reply with comment” stop being lame,”@Helloim_Rissaa.

“I dont want to reply with comment .. i want to quote…,” @tinyteezyy.

Mashable also reports that Twitter is tweaking the tweets’ format, reportedly noticed by some users. The company is now positioning the images above the tweets’ texts in the new look.

Twitter has been constantly experimenting new features and updates with a select base of Twitter users to gauge the response before it goes officially live. However, Twitter has declined to comment on the any questions related to reply with comment feature.