Linus Torvalds has announced the second release candidate of Linux 3.12 yesterday keeping with his recent Monday release cycles.

Linux 3.12 packs some amazing features including lot of improvements in the open-source graphics driver section, upgrades to various Linux file-systems, a lot of work on ARM, support for zRAM, AMD Berlin APU and Snapdragon DRM/KMS drivers; revised version of SimpleDRM; full support for eLLC cache; improvement to Intel GMA-500 Poulsbo driver among others. For more, read Linux 3.12 features here.

Torvalds noted in the release announcement that the week had been relatively quiet considering that most of the developers were busy attending LinuxCon and Linux Plumbers conference.

“So nothing very exciting stands out. It’s mainly driver updates/fixes (gpu drivers stand out, but there’s networking too, and smaller stuff all over). Apart from drivers there’s arch updates (tile/arm/mips) and some filesystem noise (mainly btrfs)”, notes Torvalds in the release announcement.

Linux 3.12 has been codenamed ‘Suicidal Squirrel’ and its merge window closed last week with the announcement of RC1. We expect that this week will be considerably busy for Torvalds as more and more pull requests will be pouring in, which didn’t make their way into the rc2 cycle.