RealNetworks takes on personal video sharing space with RealPlayer Cloud


RealNetworks, which is considered the pioneer of streaming audio and video over the Internet, is looking for a turnaround and wants to cash-in on the cloud trend with its new RealPlayer Cloud player.

The main pain areas for video sharing include incompatible video formats, file size limits, and privacy. Users can upload their videos to YouTube, but unless they are willing to make them public they would need to figure out how to create a private channel.

These are some of the issues that RealNetworks wants to address with its new solution. Dubbed as the DropBox for iPhone videos, the RealPlayer Cloud seeks to address the growing desire of users to share their videos recorded using mobile devices like iPhones and iPads with friends and family. The service has been rolled out in the US with international launch following soon.

Using the new player, users can share the videos shot using their mobile device and can even watch them on their TV using the Roku app. RealNetworks is also going to launch a Chromecast app soon. Users will be provided with 2GB of free storage and those looking to buy additional storage can opt for 25GB, 100GB or 300GB for $5, $10, $30 a month respectively.

RealPlayer Cloud is a direct result of efforts put into place by RealNetworks’ returning CEO Rob Glaser and a 100 man team. Glaser was keen on developing an iOS version of the player as soon as he returned to the company after he was forced out in 2010. The company didn’t create an iOS version of its player because it didn’t have a business model that could support the player.