Apple to bolster iDevices’ security based on location


The USPTO has received a patent request from Apple that describes a location based security technology that will determine the security levels of iDevices at different environments, claims a new report.

Apple Insider reports that the Cupertino, in a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, describes a technology that detects the networks to which the device is connected to, for instance, to a home Wi-Fi or to a cellular network, in order to determine the security level needed. Based on the environment, it then will tweak the access credentials need to be entered in order to give access to apps and information stored on the device.

The patent application reportedly requires at least two independent location confirmations in order for the device to adapt to a setting based on it. Users will also be able to customize how the device should react to the different environments they are frequently in like home, office, etc.

According to the patent filing, the technology when detects that the device is connected to the home network or to the network at office, it will consider that the device is safe and hence not require the user enter all credentials to let them use the apps. Whereas, when it detects that the user is in a public place, it would pull in all the security measures required to protect the device.

The report also notes that the device might automatically stop playing audio ads when in a public place and turn on only emergency services when it detects that the user is driving.