ARM unveils 64-bit Juno development platform


ARM on Thursday released a new development platform dubbed Juno which packs the company’s most of the advanced technologies, along with the ARMv8 instruction set and support for the big.Little in an asymmetric configuration.

The board includes two Cortex A57s and four Cortex A53s with a Mali T 624 core, powered by a CNN 400 bus. Developers will now get a chance to test their software on the board before delivering it for general use.

Juno is expected to solve the issues arising due to lack of testing hardware as the board will help developers assess the hardware capabilities and develop software specifically for a given hardware.

ARM has also introduced a 64-bit port of Android as part of this board. Juno could be a wholesome solution to test a 64-bit product especially for the ARM environment as it integrates AOSP support along with additional features from Linaro and hooks required for designing.

Initially, Juno will ship with support for OpenGL-ES 3.0 and on-chip thermal and power management capabilities. It will offer up to 8GB of RAM and have USB 2.0, with options to opt in for an FPGA.

ARM will roll out OpenCL 1.1 in an update in the future. The Android will be based on Linaro Stable Kernel 3.10 and will be compiled using GCC 4.9 32-bit ports and it will also include OpenEmbedded ports.