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Techie News | April 18, 2014

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Mittal Mandalia, one of the alternative domains of the huge torrent site H33t, is not reachable as of now weeks after the main website disappeared off the web.

One of the biggest torrent sites has been having legal issues with major recording labels in the US, UK and other European countries following which its main domain name was blocked by its registrar a couple of months back. It seems that the EU domain has also attracted similar attention and blockade as well.

The .EU domain was registered on September 6 and as of now it is also unreachable. Reports of inaccessibility started flowing in yesterday through our sources, but it seemed at the time that it might be a temporary glitch in either the DNS or the servers hosting the site. However, the site is completely inaccessible for over 20 hours now.

According to reports, H33t’s domain registrar is going to appeal the ban as it believes that such a blockade could encourage anti-piracy groups to request more bans, which may ultimately lead to blockade of innocent sites.

H33t has already faced legal bans in UK on March 3 this year alongside Kickass Torrents and Fenopy with effective date being March 21. The Pirate Bay has also come under heavy criticism from several big-banner music labels which are actively lobbying to get the site blocked in US, UK, Europe and parts of Asia. Kickass Torrent’s .ph domain name was seized by Philippine authorities back in June while it was reported that IsoHunt has been blocked in Italy.

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