Analyst: Sony PlayStation 4 to outsell Microsoft Xbox One by half a million units


According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter Sony is likely to sell around 1.5 million units of PlayStation 4 on launch day while Microsoft will be able to sell only about 1 million units of Xbox One.

Sony and Microsoft are set to debut their respective gaming consoles – PlayStation 4 will hit the US and Europe on November 15 and 29 respectively while Xbox One will launch in a total of 13 countries across the globe on November 22. Pachter claimed that Sony will emerge as the winner with its PlayStation 4 shipments this holiday season.

While talking to Examiner, Pachter said, “I guess the first couple of weeks 1.5 million [PS4] and Xbox One probably 1 million, so 2.5 million combined, which is a lot. That’s what I think you are going to see.”

Both the companies have reportedly sold out their pre-order stocks, but Sony has guaranteed more stock – well over 500,000 more units than the Microsoft. The analyst said that both companies will try to sell as many units as possible but, Sony will outsell Microsoft as the year comes to an end.

Pachter said “I was surprised Sony took a million pre-orders and I talked to Jack Tretton about this and he said ‘We’re going to have a lot more units behind that at launch.”