Gmail for Android soon to have ads, APK teardown reveals


Gmail for Android v4.6 was released sometime back and the new version brought with it multiple changes – significant among them being revamped UI, under the hood changes like support for ads, unsent message warnings, and darker UI icons.

According to Android Police, the latest version of Gmail for Android has code that points to the possibility of ads popping up on the app sometime very soon. The report notes that code within the app points to the possibility of ads popping up as messages, which can be saved in inbox or discarded.

<string name=”ad”>AD</string>
<string name=”ad_will_not_save”>Will not save ad as message</string>
<string name=”ad_will_save”>Will save ad as message</string>
<string name=”ad_dismissed”>Ad dismissed</string>

A whole new library has been added called ‘ads’


The report notes that the library has 8 classes and functions that are likely to govern how the ads will be displayed and how they will behave? Gmail for Android has been ad-free for a long time now and it was about time that Google started monetizing the app like its web based counterpart.

Some of the other things that are new to the latest version of Gmail for Android include addition of a warning message to the ‘sent’ folder in case there are unsent items still waiting around in your outbox. Whatever may be the reason behind the failure to send the message, when you go to your ‘sent’ box you will see a warning message.

Further, as you may have already noticed, the cancel button while sending a message is gone. To do so, now you will have to hit the back button. This may be a little confusing considering it doesn’t strike the first time around as to which button to press in case you want to cancel sending a message.