Microsoft addresses Internet Explorer crawl with hotfix


Microsoft has acknowledged Internet Explorer crawling issues because of two of the updates it released recently and has issued a hotfix to resolve it.

Microsoft released two updates for its Internet Explorer web browser KB2962872 and KB2976627 and if you have applied either or both the updates chances are your browser will be giving you a hard time while you are browsing the web.

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The issue, Microsoft notes, is because of ‘web applications that implement consecutive modal dialog boxes’ and is prevalent in all internet explorer versions starting 7 through to 11. Microsoft has jotted down a list of updates for all those who need to get this fixed – a fix for each of the browser on each of its platforms here.

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You need to make sure that you are downloading the correct package – simply click on the patch that is meant for your system, download it, and install it. That’s about it.

We anticipate that Microsoft will rollout this update as a part of its monthly update cycle, but why not go ahead and apply the patch early!