Ex-CEO Steve Ballmer resigns from Microsoft Board; will concentrate on LA Clippers


Nearly after 14 years, former Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer has called it quits from the Microsoft board of directors. After ruling the company in what was called as the “Ballmer era,” Ballmer has made several breakthroughs in the field of Information Technology and has helped Microsoft remain on top after Bill Gates quit as the CEO.

Informing about the decision, Ballmer wrote a letter to the Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, who thanked him for his outstanding contribution to company’s growth over the past several decades and humbly accepted his departure.

The news follows the Ballmer’s recent purchase of the basketball team, LA Clippers for $2 billion from Donald Sterling, which made waves in the Sports industry and now the IT pioneer looks forward to dedicating his “Post-Microsoft” life to enhancing the team and its performance. He also looks forward to teaching, civic contribution and enhancing his own knowledge.

Ballmer continues to be a stakeholder with 4.05 percent of Microsoft’s shares and noted in his letter to Nadella that he holds more shares in Microsoft than anyone and is expecting to hold the position for a foreseeable future.

This decision has left many wondering about why Ballmer decided to quit the board. While many believe that under Nadella’s leadership, Microsoft prospers better, many reminisce the “Ballmer era” and recollect his steady contributions to company’s growth in the past 14 years.