What every business needs to know about SharePoint


Let’s face it, more and more companies are finding SharePoint to be an ideal solution for streamlining workflow. That being said, many companies still haven’t discovered all of the necessary tool to optimize the software. Here are some helpful tips that we’ve found drastically improves SharePoint portal journey for your business or enterprise:

No more wasted Content or Pages

When your SharePoint portal is optimized, the process of knowing which content, documents, and pages haven’t been viewed suddenly becomes effortless allowing you to delete and clean the system of all documents and content that hasn’t been accessed.

This allows users to reorganize and access content that is deemed worthy and replace or rewrite obsolete or outdated content allowing for enhanced user experience.

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Contrast content from various dates and trend insight

When analyzing SharePoint usage portal, content and trends suddenly become time sensitive. Contrasting content will assist users in understanding how today’s trends have changed from last week, month, or year and at what stage you are with regards to objectives. These are issues that can be tackled by trustworthy SharePoint web analytics enterprises.

Many firms analyze and oversee wikis as well and maximize or minimize document use by the company’s employees. Software like CardioLog Analytics, the only web analytics solution designed for SharePoint, can streamline the above mentioned tasks by building a Portal Growth Trend Report and assist with comparison with regards to usage of wikis and documents during a particular time frame be it on a daily or monthly basis.

Understand the customer like never before

CardioLog boasts a tool called ‘Voice of Customer’ tool, users have the ability to design surveys and feedback forms to gauge customer response from their clients who have purchased their products or services. Customers can also rate the company’s web experience as well.

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Obtaining customer and client feedback is an essential time saving tool to assist a firm or enterprise with improving the customer experience for success in future sales. After all, the best critique of company policy comes from the customers it relies upon.

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