Apple’s iPhone 6 smartphone to come with NFC support?


Apple’s next flagship device, iPhone 6, is said to come with NFC support, enabling own payment system, that has been expected but missed with the previous version of the device.

The Wired, citing sources familiar with the matter, reported that the NFC payment system will be the ‘hallmark’ feature of the smartphone which will reportedly be launched on September 9. Rumours have it that it will function as a wallet for users to make payments on the go.

Notably, Phil Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple said during an interview in 2012 that the company is more focused on user experience than just providing something for the sake of it, meaning that the company has been experimenting with the technology. If the recent rumours are to be believed, Apple might be bringing NFC into the next iPhone.

The device is said to sport a secure enclave which will store the credit card information of the user. Currently, the iPhone 5S includes such a secure enclave with its Touch ID system that recognizes the fingerprints of the user. The system comes with its own secure boot sequence which protects all data stored in it even if the kernel of the device is broken into.

Apple likely has the chance to capitalize on the 800 million iTune accounts which has raised drastically from the 575 million reported last year by offering a payment functionality with its next device.

Apple is also expected to unveil its wearable technology iWatch alongside iPhone 6 which is speculated to integrate with the smartphone.