After Younited, WD’s My Cloud takes on Dropbox


Cloud backup and storage services have been gaining a lot of traction lately with multiple players now joining the bandwagon including the recently announced Younited and now Western Digital with its not-so-cloudy My Cloud services.

Western Digital’s My Cloud, which was launched yesterday, is basically a network attached storage (NAS) that provides a lot of storage for less cost. Consider the 2TB storage drive which it is selling for just $149.99 – in comparison Dropbox charges $99 for 100GB storage for real cloud backup.

My Cloud can be considered a practically foolproof device when it comes to network sharing. WD is marketing the product as a cloud storage option rather than a NAS and has more or less stripped away the NAS tag.

WD has also made available My Cloud apps iOS and Android using which user can upload their photos, videos and anything else they want from their smartphones if they are running out of onboard storage. Those how have sizable bandwidth availability for their home / office networks can even play videos and photos right from the My Cloud sitting at a remote location.

Basically, My Cloud plugs into the home or office network and allows for communication with remote devices. According to My Cloud product manager Matt Bennion, previous network attached storage devices have been rather slow compared to regular drives, but this is about to change with My Cloud as it packs increased power for faster performance.