Don’t apply PS4 firmware update 2.0 just yet because of reawakening bug


Those of you who haven’t still applied PlayStation 4 firmware update 20 are advised against it because of a bug that prevents consoles from reawakening from ‘rest mode’. Sony has acknowledged that it is investigating the issue and that it will release an update to fix the issue if there is one.

PS4 firmware version 2.0 update codenamed ‘Masamune’ was highly awaited for the fact that it packs so many new features including ability to share games with friends and family over the internet, system themes, ability to upload gameplay videos to YouTube among others.

Sony has acknowledged that they are aware of the issue with PS4’s latest system software update and added: “We’re investigating these issues and will provide an update once we have more information.”

People have even reported issues with YouTube sharing functionality, while there are those who claim that their PS4 are shutting down without warning and in the processes corrupting game installs.

We are yet to ascertain how widespread the issue is, but from the looks of it every social media platform is being bombarded with updates about the bug with new users joining in to report issues with their console every hour.