Dropbox’s photo app ‘Carousel’ lands on iPad and web


Dropbox’s dedicated photo and video app dubbed Carousel has finally made its way to iPads and the web.

“Part of making the best home for your photos is giving you a fast, simple, beautiful way to engage with your pictures, however and wherever you want. Today, we’re excited to announce big steps towards that goal: Carousel for web, iPad, and Android tablet,” the Carousel team wrote in a blog post.

With Carousel smartphone app, users can view their photos by time, date, and event and organize them within Dropbox. They can even share photos with friends and receive shared photos and videos, as well as add shared media to their Carousel library.

Until now, Carousel was available for download only on iOS and Android smartphones, but now the smart app and its features is available for iPads and web, with the Android tablet version slated to be coming soon.

In addition, design of the Carousel apps have also been tweaked with improved grid view, the lightbox and the conversations interface to make them easier to use and appealing to look at.

“The old grid view had a lot of white space in between photos and events that wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing, so we created this new grid view that fills up all the white space by making some of your photos larger than others,” Chris Lee, Carousel product manager said.

“We particularly focus on the photos of people and make them extra big.”

Dropbox revealed that Carousel now also supports upload to Instagram and WhatsApp, two of the most popular photo posting platforms. Furthermore, users can now share photos with people who don’t have Carousel installed themselves, though they cannot share back with you unless they have the app.