ASDA to bring 3D printing to a store near you


UK supermarket chain ASDA will start a 3D printing trial at its York store from October 15 wherein shoppers will be able to get their miniature 8-inch figurines 3D printed for as low as £40.

Announcing the trials through a blog post, ASDA noted that this is a first of its kind trail in the UK and if successful, it is planning a nationwide rollout. “Just step into the scanner and we create a detailed digital model which is then sent away to be printed in ceramic”, notes ASDA

ASDA claims that it can scan the surface area of the subject to be printed in just two minutes. The supermarket says that anything can be scanned “including people, pets and even cars – and the models can be produced in full-colour, white or a bronze-style coating.”

“The shape is then recreated in 3D by spraying ceramic fluid in thin layers to build a solid object”, adds ASDA.

ASDA has placed restriction on the items that can be scanned. The supermarket notes that the item has to be either equal to the size of a shoe or greater. This is to “prevent issues around the possible replication of banned items such as the 3D printed gun.”

The supermarket has revealed that 3D printing, a technological innovation without limits, is becoming the latest craze among designers, consumers and technology experts alike and it wants to be the first retailer to offer such services across the UK.

Check out the video below: