Microsoft Internet Explorer Chief Dean Hachamovitch leaves company after 24 years


Dean Hachamovitch, longtime Internet Explorer chief, has confirmed his departure from Microsoft after serving for over 24 years.

Hachamovitch announced his departure in an interview with GeekWire on Thursday saying “I’m overdue for a change. The company really has changed a lot.”

“It’s a good time to get a different point of view on tech and life.”

Hachamovitch had been responsible for overseeing development of Internet Explorer for the last decade. He joined Microsoft in 1990 as part of the Office group, but moved on to the Internet Explorer group in 2003 as general manager, later becoming its corporate vice president. In November 2013, Hachamovitch took a new post at Microsoft as its chief data scientist during the restructuring of the Windows team.

Following his departure, Hachamovitch will not be taking up any other full-time executive position immediately. Instead he will be joining LifeQ, a company that makes digital simulations of human physiological systems, as an advisor.

Hachamovitch is the latest in a series of top Windows employees to exit the company. Earlier departures included longtime Windows engineering leader, Jon DeVaan; Windows marketing and finance chief, Tami Reller and Windows and Office executive, Antoine Leblond.