Apple revamps stores to showcase iPad, iPhone artwork

Apple Store clean up: iPods to be shelved in Accessories section
The iPods will be moved next to the Apple Watch bands, headphones and iPhone cases on the Accessory wall.

Apple is reportedly revamping its stores to host the look of art galleries, featuring works of artists and professional photographers who use iPhones, iPads or Mac products to create their works.

Cupertino will exhibit the works of the various artists and professional photographers who deploy Apple products in creating their works.

Travel photographer Austin Mann is one of the artists who used the iPhone 6 to capture an overwhelming image of the Icelandic glacier.

He has captured the image using the panoramic view of the iPhone 6 camera. Mann narrated how he used to mow lawns when he was in school to save for his first iMac in 1998.

Mann said his use of an iPhone and high-end cameras is “split pretty even” when it comes to professional work.
“In the photography industry especially, when you are getting started you are always seeking gear,” he said.

Using just an iPhone to take great photos encourages people to “shift away from focusing on gear and equipment.”

Apple has encouraged 12 artists of varied levels to create inspirational works by offering them commissions for their work. Apple’s decision to showcase the people who use its technology is seen as a major shift in the company’s strategy, which has, until now, focused only its products.

Cupertino has featured the creations of visual artists, painters, film-makers photographers, and many more in its new campaign, called “Starting something new.”

Some of the artists will gather at Apple’s SoHo store in New York on Thursday evening to talk about their artwork.