Brazilians will be required to shell out 3,999 Brazilian reais or US $1,852 to buy a PlayStation 4, Sony has announced through a blog post.

PlayStation 4 will be launched in Brazil on November 29 alongside Europe, but the pricing is over four times the price than in US, UK and Europe where it will be selling for $399, £349 and €399 respectively. Further the suggested retail price of PS4 games in Brazil is 179 reais ($83).

“The console will be released in Brazil for R $ 3,999, and the MSRP of games for the console is $ 179. The PS4 ™ will be available from the day November 29, 2013 in major retail stores in Brazil” reads the announcement on PlayStation Blog Brazil [Google translated].

The huge price outlay is because of the government taxes which are imposed on hardware imports. We have seen instances of hardware selling for double the actual retail prices, but this is rather over the top. If extreme case of government taxation is considered, the PlayStation 4 still shouldn’t retail for more than 1750 reais (US $800).

Prospect buyers have already been infuriated by the decision and have taken to the PlayStation Blog to vent out their anger.