Microsoft’s OneDrive gets new photo-focused features and more


Microsoft has reportedly updated its OneDrive app for iOS with a raft of new photo-focused features and more.

Douglas Pearce, OneDrive’s Group Program Manager, noted that major OneDrive update will include “the ability for customers to curate photos from their phone, desktop and inbox quickly and simply; a new feature that allows you to view, manage, and share photos with Albums; and finally, through a partnership with Bing, customers can now search for their files and photos in a new and exciting way!”

The update, which is due to roll out over the next couple of weeks, will let OneDrive users on Windows 7 and Windows 8 to curate photos from their phone, desktop, and inbox via automatic imports. They will now be able to import images to their OneDrive account from connected devices — such as digital cameras, USB memory sticks and external hard drives, along with screenshots, which can now be automatically backed up. All of the imported pictures will get stored in a new folder named “Camera imports”, while screenshots will go in their own separate folder.

Next on the list is the new ‘Albums’ feature which will now let OneDrive users easily view, manage, and share their snaps. Albums will now have larger photo thumbnails, and images will be arranged attractively edge to edge, like a collage. Upon clicking, the images will take up the whole screen.

“Albums also let you bring photos and videos together from anywhere in your OneDrive. You don’t need to copy files from other folders. That means you can easily create an album using photos from your phone in your camera roll folder, your camera in your “European Vacation 2012” folder, or from your email, with the photos you saved to your attachments folder. And even more, you can also add to your albums after they’ve been created and shared,” Microsoft explained.

Finally, the new update also introduces improved search capabilities, powered by Bing, enabling users to search files on OneDrive based on time, location and text from images themselves. Photos can also be searched through tags.

The updated OneDrive version is available for download from the App Store for free. Android and Windows Phone apps will follow soon.