[Update 30/10/2013 @ 17:45 GMT: IsoHunt.com finds a new home – IsoHunt.to]

British High Court has ordered major UK ISPs including BSkyB, BT, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, Telefonica and Virgin to start blocking 21 new pirate sites including BitSnoop, TorrentDownloads, and mp3skull starting tomorrow.

The court order comes following BPI’s complaint that the filesharing sites are involved in piracy of copyright material produced by members of the British music industry. The latest order marks BPI’s largest ever victory till date taking the total number of blocked site to 25. Last time around, court ordered blockade of Fenopy, H33t, Kickass Torrents, and The Pirate Bay.

The new list includes 9 torrent sites and 12 ‘aggregator’ sites including 337x, BitSnoop, ExtraTorrent, Monova, TorrentCrazy, Torrentz, BeeMP3, Bomb-Mp3, FileCrop, FilesTube, Mp3lemon, and Rapidlibrary among others.

BPI claims that approach court was the last resort it was left with after it failed to persuade the sites to “cooperate in a meaningful way.”

The latest order follows the seizure of torrent site domains like ExtraTorrent, SumoTorrent, and MisterTorrent. The seizure was forced upon domain registrars through a carefully worded letter by The Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) of the City of London police earlier this month.

In the letter, which didn’t have backing from any court, PIPCU claimed that the domains were involved in “criminal distribution of copyrighted material either directly or indirectly and are liable to prosecution under UK law for the following offences: Conspiracy to Defraud, Offences under the Fraud Act 2006, Copyright, Design & Patents Act 1988.”

  • mrh112

    what a load of crap… anyone with half a brain can bypass these so called “blocks” in a few minutes with a vpn and the like.

    Nice try but if china (a pro at this thing) cant do it, what makes you think the British can control the global information network as well?

  • Dave

    hydra lives on, just load up your proxy.
    or go for an alternative… http://torrents.to and torrentscrape

  • James Moore

    ok, just one minor issue (there are many, many issues but I will only raise this one, since it’s probably the least obvious):

    Where is the BAILII link to the judgement?

  • Josh Fenderman

    Only British people can fly

  • bill gates

    i see this news and thought it will be more difficult to download stuff then i just went on a defilter website then straight on the website easy.

  • Ryan

    once again, big money and power continue to try and strangle the last remaining breaths out of freedom and the people in an attempt to kill it completely. Their greed and hypocrisy is astronomically insane. Ironically they will not GAIN anything by doing any of this. They are wasting time and money in their attempts to squeeze the remaining pittance of money from the average poor person living today.

  • Hoofd

    It’s crazy, who is anyone to say what is right or wrong? Or what you can share or not? Is this really the way forward? I find it disgusting that anyone can tell us what we can or can’t do. We are free people with an opinion just as much as an opinion as anybody else. I’m sick of money governing peoples values which in turn must govern others at the cost of their free will.

    The only way that I can see downloading as ‘wrong’ in its truest form, would be if it was impossible do to the natural science of the universe!

    I do however advise, that if you can afford it, donate!