Twitter teams up with Foursquare to allow for location tagging in tweets


Twitter has teamed up with Foursquare to allow users to add their precise location data to tweets via official apps and the web.

At present, Twitter users have the option to tag tweets with general location labels such as New York City or Caifornia. As part of the partnership, users will now be able to use Foursquare’s data, available from a drop-down menu, to tag tweets with the name of a specific business, store, landmark or other point of interest, or the coordinates of the street intersection. In addition users will also be able to tap on the name of a place in the Twitter app and see what other posts people have made from that same location.

“Coming soon! We’re working with @foursquare so you can tag specific locations in Tweets,” the social media giant announced on Monday.

“This is a big deal for Foursquare?—?not just because we all love Twitter and we’re psyched to be a part of what they’re building, but because it’s yet another example of how ubiquitous the Foursquare platform is becoming?—?this “location layer of the internet” you’ve probably heard us talk about,” Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley wrote about the partnership in a blog post.

The Foursquare location tagging is not yet available to Twitter users, but as mentioned in the tweet it is “Coming soon!”

The terms of the deal between Twitter and Foursquare have not yet been disclosed.