Alien hunter claims presence of massive underground bunker on Mars


Reports of strange sightings that hint at the possibility that life is already present on Mars and that NASA and US government is hiding something from us are not uncommon and the latest to make such a claim again comes from an alien hunter named André R. Gignac who says that he has spotted a massive panoramic window that signals at the presence of a huge underground bunker.

Gignac is making his claims based on analysis of a photo of the Endeavour crater rim from ‘Murray Ridge’ on Mars in false color released by NASA.

A UFO enthusiast since 1970 and one who has been keenly analysing Mars photos for more than 11 months now, claims that it is not unreasonable to assume that behind this massive window, one would find a vast underground bunker.

“At first, the image showed a small, dark spot, far away in the distance. But it rapidly became clear that something extraordinary was taking place: the discovery of a bunker built in solid rock in one of Mars’ craters!” writes Gignac in a post on his website.

Bunker on Mars

The claims do not end there as Gignac says that the same image provide proof of what appears to be a missile. He said that there are a series of missiles, rockets and structures (like housing) arranged in a circular fashion.

“It seems that “someone”, or some “government”, is deploying missiles on the Red Planet”, Gignac claims.

In a statement to Crytozoology News, the Canadian UFO enthusiast said “I was stunned. It was a massive panoramic window built in the inside wall of the crater.”

“You can see a person behind the bunker’s window.”

  • andre r. gignac

    Dear Techie, This article, like so many others, insists on showing only the part of the story that can be relatively easily disputed. Other articles, like the one in Mail Online, make me say things I have never said, and it’s then repeated everywhere on the web by people who have not seen the REAL images and have not read what I actually wrote about these findings, those for example showing a very clear solid structure next to this “window”. One photo is so clear it is very difficult to explain with the usual finger-pointing at “conspiracy theorists”: it shows the solid structure and an alien ship. Why is that photo left unpublished by every single entity claiming to be “informing” the public? Here is that image. Yours, André R. Gignac