App ‘Pager’ will turn your Facebook page into a traditional website in no time


A new app has been developed which aims to help small start ups to expand their online presence by turning their Facebook page into a traditional website within minutes.

The app dubbed Pager has been developed by a team of three engineers, Alex Ilea, Anton Shevchenko and Darrel-Day Guerrero, during the 24-hour Disrupt NY Hackathon.

In order to use Pager, users will need to log in using the Facebook account and they will be presented with a list of their Facebook pages. They will just need to pick a page, save, and their website will go live automatically.

The app sorts all the information on the user’s Facebook page into four categories- About, News, Events and Galleries. The ‘About’ page presents the business’ contact info and opening hours, while the news page displays their wall posts, events and galleries.

One of the three engineers who have developed the app, Darrel-Day Guerrero said that the main idea behind the app was to allow small business owners to use Facebook to manage a website, reports TechCrunch.

The app is still in the making and the team is hopeful of making everything work leveraging the Facebook API.