Nintendo has confirmed addition of video streaming service YouTube to its 3DS gaming console by November end.

The announcement was made by Satoru Shibata Nintendo of Europe president at the Nintendo Direct conference earlier this week. The 3DS-specialized app will allow users to watch content on the top screen simultaneously browsing for other videos on the bottom ‘touchscreen’.

The YouTube application for Wii U will soon be getting an update, which will not only improve its functionality but also allow for better use of the controller.

Addressing the Nintendo Direct conference, Shibata “Today I can confirm YouTube is coming to Nintendo 3DS. With your Nintendo 3DS, as long as you have internet access, you can easily view videos when you are on the go. You can even search for contents on the bottom screen while watching a different video on the top screen.”

“The YouTube application on Wii U is also receiving an upgrade. This upgrade will greatly improve the interface. Now you will be able to view videos on the Wii U gamepad or search for contents on the gamepad while watching a different video on your television screen”.

No information about the exact date for the YouTube on 3DS or the Wii U changes have been made available though.

  • Matt Davis

    I hope it supports viewing and posting comments. I know the Wii Youtube app doesn’t, so I’m not expecting it to.