Amazon using its retail might to sell Kindle Fire tablets


According to a recent research report by Kantar Media, Google, Samsung and Apple might be the dominant leaders in the smartphone market, but in the tablet market, Amazon has succeeded in luring double the buyers compared to its rivals.

The research firm, which surveyed 300,000-strong UK consumer panel, revealed that around 57 percent of the tablet product page visitors visited Apple iPad product pages, followed by 28 percent who visited Amazon’s Kindle Fire product page. Samsung with its Galaxy tab and Google with its Nexus tablet trailed behind Apple and Amazon with 24 percent and 7 percent of visitors visiting their product pages respectively.

The research firm’s report also suggested that Amazon is doing well both as a retailer and manufacturer with increasing number of people using the company’s website for making their purchases online. According to the study around 73 percent of potentials buyers used retailers’ websites to research for their purchases online, compared to 31 percent people opting for device manufacturer sites directly, while 12 percent used professional review sites.

The report claimed that 81 percent of tablet product page visitors on Amazon look at the Kindle Fire as compared to just 30 percent for Samsung. As far as visitor to purchaser conversion is concerned the volume stood at 6.6 percent for the Kindle Fire as compared to just 3.4 percent for Apple’s iPad.

Argos and Amazon were found to be the best performing retailers at converting visitors to purchasers with their conversion rates almost twice that of the average industry norm.