Iranian news agency: $1m Stuxnet 2 in the making


FARS news agency has claimed in its latest report that Saudi Arabian and Israeli spy agencies are working on a new and more powerful version of Stuxnet to sabotage Iranian program.

The news agency has claimed through supposedly ‘informed sources’ in the Saudi secret service that Saudi Arabian and Israeli spy agencies met on November 24 to “increase the two sides’ cooperation in intelligence and sabotage operations against Iran’s nuclear program”.

The two sides reportedly discussed on production of a malware that was worse than Stuxnet “to spy on and destroy the software structure of Iran’s nuclear program.” The report also adds that the two sides have agreed to a cost of around $1 million to develop this malware.

The report claims that Saudi Arabia and Israel weren’t particularly happy with the deal between Iran and US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany. Israel has dubbed the deal as “historic mistake” while Saudi Arabia has called it “West’s treachery”.

The authenticity of the report can’t be guaranteed considering the editorial goof-ups by FARS News. Recently the agency published a report that one of the Iranian scientists had invented the time machine! Duh!