Fedora 20 delayed till December 17


Fedora 20, originally slated for a November 26 release, has been delayed again till December 17 because a number of bugs still remain unfixed – major ones related to Anaconda component of the distribution.

Fedora 20 has already been delayed three times and this is the fourth delay. Considering that most of the patches for the bugs are already with the quality assurance and testing teams, chances are that the distribution won’t face another delay.

Beta version of Fedora 20 ‘Heisenbug’ was released on November 12 and some of the major improvements in the latest distribution include updates to GNOME, Bluez, and KDE; ARM as a primary architecture; support for configuration of thin clients right at the time of operating system installation using LVM Thin Provisioning; ability to configure NetworkManager via the command line; and No Default Sendmail, Syslog among others.

Red Hat Linux’s latest community distribution has a lot to offer to developers as well with new features and updated packages including Ruby on Rails 4.0, Perl 5.18, and GNU C Library 2.18.