BlackBerry buys two Android related domain names; smartphone buzz rings louder


Reports have been flowing in about a possible Android smartphone in the works at BlackBerry offices and the latest reports of the Canadian company buying two Android related smartphones have fueled more speculations.

Reports started flowing in over the weekend that BlackBerry has bought the domain names “” and “” and this instigated further chatter about its intent of diversifying into the Android market with the launch of its own smartphone that is backed by its enterprise security experience.

There has been no official confirmation from BlackBerry about a possible launch of Android smartphone and BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen has declined to confirm previous month’s reports that the company was planning to roll out an Android phone.

Though Chen hasn’t confirmed the reports, he has on two occasions over the course of last three weeks said that the company will only release an Android smartphone if they are able to “secure Android”. This particular stand from Chen is highly intriguing now considering that the company has bought two domains names that reflect just that – a secured Android.

Further, one of the domains, “” is currenly redirecting to a BlackBerry enterprise-focused site.

Though BlackBerry hasn’t really elaborated on the purchase of these two domain names, an email reply to Reuters reads as follows: “BlackBerry frequently registers domain names to support the breadth of our cross-platform portfolio. Android is an important part of our cross-platform enterprise software strategy.”