Battlefield 4 cockups continue


New reports have emerged that users who have opted for a PS3 to PS4 upgrade of their Battlefield 4 China Rising Expansion DLC are unable to do so and are required to shell out additional money or opt for premium version of the game.

EA user “buckethead232” has posted the transcript of his chat with an EA support rep. The support representative confirmed that there are only two ways to get the China Rising map pack without paying for it. One was to pre-order a next-generation version of the game at full price or have a Battlefield 4 Premium member.

This effectively means that the initial promotion where EA was offering the expansion for free to all those who pre-ordered any version of the game was void. Further EA was also promoting an offer whereby it would allow players to upgrade a game from its PS3 or Xbox 360 version to the next-generation counterpart at a fraction of the cost. This offer also doesn’t apply any more as “buckethead232” did exactly that, but wasn’t able to download the map pack.

As of November 1, the offer was still valid as EA confirmed through official Battlefield 4 twitter account that “China Rising will transfer over when you upgrade to next-gen.”

The chat transcript is dated December 18 and it seems that the offer was rebuked hours before “buckethead232” contact EA support. “According to the latest updates , upgraded players have to purchase it”, said the support chat representative.