TVR lands 250 deposits from customers who haven’t even seen the new car

TVR Cerbera

The all new TVR is set to debut its first sports car in 2017 with a bang with the production run for the entire year already booked in two weeks.

Reborn after rights to the TVR name were sold to a consortium of investors led by entrepreneur Les Edgar. The consortium promised that the brand will be revived and that they will be launching a handful of cars with the first car hitting the roads in 2017.

The new car is being engineered by Gordon Murray, the man behind the McLaren F1 and many of McLaren’s successful Formula 1 racers. The company has also collaborated with Cosworth and it seems that involvement of Murray and Cosworth has boosted the confidence of customers.

TVR stated taking deposits for the new car in July and in a matter of less than six weeks, it received 250 deposits thereby fully booking its 2017 production run. The company is still accepting deposits, but it has revealed that customers are being told that their cars will be delivered in 2018. The company will be ramping up the production numbers once it has completely re-established itself and has launched more models.

The company is yet to publicly reveal details about its new car, but as is the case with TVR, you shouldn’t expect anything other than a mean driving machine that caters to the driving appetite and passion of the owners. You should expect a lightweight chassis and a car that is powered by a high-horsepower engine. The company will be revealing details about the new car soon enough.

As far as pricing goes, you should expect to see a £50,000 price tag for the new model.

“This is a heart-warming situation we find ourselves in. We are mindful that we have taken deposits from customers who have not even yet seen official pictures of the car”, said TVR chairman Les Edgar who himself owned a TVR Cerbera.

“The new factory will be ramping up production during 2017 and therefore initial volumes are limited, but here we are only a few weeks later announcing this remarkable order take, so it’s only fair to make potential customers aware that any new orders will now be delivered in early 2018”, said operations director John Chasey.