The Arthritis Society outs medical marijuana guide

The guidance document acts as a quick reference for arthritis patients making them aware of the basis about medical cannabis.


Marking the beginning of Arthritis Awareness Week, the Arthritis Society, Canada has released a guide to medical marijuana helping patients to understand and navigate the process for accessing medical cannabis to treat arthritis symptoms.

With the federal regulation now allowing access to medical marijuana by prescription for arthritis patients, millions of patients around Canada are questioning whether medical cannabis is right for them, and if so how they can access it.

Though it is available on prescription, medical marijuana’s prescription process is very different and patients have to go through a rather steep learning curve to access it. This is what the Arthritis Society intends to help patients with, it has revealed.

Arthritis Society is investing a lot of time and effort into making important information available to patients including answers to important questions around the use of medical cannabis for arthritis.

Arthritis Society president and CEO Janet Yale said that their guidance will provide patients with a new resource that will help them ask the right questions as well as make informed treatment choices.

“I am very hopeful that medical cannabis is an answer to my symptoms,” says Janzen. “Facing a lifetime with rheumatoid arthritis is frightening to say the least.”

The 16-page document explains the process of gaining access to medical marijuana. It also contains some frequently asked questions that patients across Canada have been asking.

Along with the guidance document, which can be accessed here, Arthritis Society has also released a two-part video on how to access medical cannabis for arthritis. Both the video have been embedded below

The Arthritis Society has established itself as a leader on this issue by funding a scientific study into the pain-relieving potential of medical cannabis. The Society is also holding the first Medical Cannabis Conference this December, creating a platform for stakeholders from across Canada to determine research priorities and how to advance medical cannabis research.