LG confirms wearable gadget as reports hint at G3


There hasn’t been any report about possible wearable gadgets from LG just yet, but the company has confirmed that it is working on wearable technology.

Speaking with Engadget, LG hasn’t been too vocal about the exact type of wearable gadget, but it has said that it is indeed working on something wearable. These reports are in line with what The Korean Herald is stating through its sources.

The Korean publication has claimed that LG is working on two possible wearable gadgets – G-Arch and G-Health – instead one. The G-Arch will be a full-fledged smartwatch and will rival Samsung’s Gear and Sony’s SmartWatch, while G-Health is dubbed to be a health and fitness tracker and the Korean electronics giant will most probably pitch it against Nike+ FuelBand.

A fitness and health tracker from Samsung is also being talked about lately, and it is rumoured that it has to be worn on upper arm.

Reports in the Korean media are also indicating towards LG G3 – a smartphone that will rival the iPhone 5S with not only its finish and specification, but possibly a fingerprint scanner as well. It is rumoured that the scanner on G3 will be based on swipe gesture as against area-type as one finds on iPhone 5S.

LG G3 is also expected to be powered by a 2.2GHz octa-core processor, Android 4.4. KitKat and a quad HD display. It is believed that LG would launch these gadgets during Mobile World Congress in February, 2014.