Researchers investigate whether Vitamin B can be used to enhance dreaming


There could be a potential link between dreams a person is having and Vitamin B’s role in it according to a University of Adelaide researcher and to check if that’s the case, he is calling for participants from interested people.

The study is based on initial findings of studies carried out by psychology student, Denholm Aspy, who says that Vitamin B6 may possibly be having an impact on the vividness of a dream and whether it will turn out to be emotional or bizarre. Further, there are other B vitamins who play a role in helping people remember their dreams and this is what Aspy wants to investigate.

There have been previous studies that have looked into the link between vitamin B6 and dreaming, Aspy’s study is unique in the sense that it will be the first to compare the effects of vitamin B6 with other B vitamins in a large and diverse group of people.

The study is more or less an extension of the other studies that Aspy is carrying out into lucid dreams, which focuses on techniques designed to help people have more lucid dreams.

“In order to have lucid dreams, it is very important to first be able to recall dreams on a regular basis. Taking B vitamins may help people to recall their dreams and have more vivid dreams, which could be very valuable for people wanting to have lucid dreams,” says Mr Aspy.

With people spending on an average five years of their lives dreaming, if we have control over those dreams, we can use them more productively, Aspy suggests.

Studies have suggested the potential benefits of lucid dreaming including the possibility of overcoming nightmares, treating phobias, creative problem solving, refining motor skills and even helping with rehabilitation from physical trauma, and Aspy wants to investigate this further and establish concrete results.

Those participating in Aspy’s study, which will last for 10 days, will be provided with capsules that either contain vitamin B6, a vitamin B-Complex preparation (with numerous B vitamins) or a placebo. During the trial, the participants will be required to fill out a brief questionnaire each morning, which will later be analysed to determine how the vitamins impacted the style of dreaming and dream recall.