Winamp possibly acquired by online radio firm Radionomy


Winamp was supposed to breath its last on December 20 as previously announced by its parent company AOL; however, that didn’t happen and it seems that the player won’t be extinct after all as Winamp may have been acquired by online radio service Radionomy. name servers were updated last night from AOL to point to name servers held by, a Belgium-based online radio service; however, the domain is still to AOL. Forum user Bryon Stout was first to notice the change.


Previous reports speculated that Microsoft was in acquisition talks with AOL to buy Winamp as well as Shoutcast, but it seems that was either just a rumour or the talks didn’t go as planned.

There has been no official announcement from either AOL or Radionomy. Stay tuned for updates.

[Name Server image credit: Bryon Stout]