Nokia freezes Symbian and MeeGo app updates, new submissions


Nokia has officially suspended Symbian, MeeGo app updates and new submissions thereby shutting off the ability of developers to make changes to their existing apps or publish new ones on the Nokia Store.

Through a tweet the Symbian Signed team, which extends support to developers for signing update files for apps that have been downloaded from Nokia Store, announced the decision. “That was it; we are officially closed. Thank you all for the past years!” The Symbian Signed team tweeted.

The decision is a part of Nokia’s plans of abandoning the platforms completely after Microsoft announced its plans of acquiring the Finnish mobile vendor. Nokia gave Symbian developers just three months to push out final updates before January 1, 2014 thereby yanking the official support two years early.

Developers can still distribute new apps and app updates by hosting them on their servers; however, users won’t be notified about updates automatically.