Apple’s monthly smartphone sales stronger, but annual sales decline


Latest data from Kantar Worldpanel shows that Apple has managed to increase its month-on-month smartphone sales during the month of November; however, its yearly sales numbers are reducing because of increased competition from Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

Looking at November data, Apple’s iPhones accounted for 18.1 percent of total smartphone sales in the top 5 biggest markets in the Europe up from 15.1 percent in October. This increase is sales numbers if primarily due to the success of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. However, these two smartphones may Cupertino the short-term boost, but annually Apple’s marketshare continues the erosion trend.

When it comes to market share in individual countries, sales data from Kantar for three months to November indicate that Apple has a 69.1 percent share in the Japanese market; 43.1 percent in the U.S.; 35.0 percent in Australia; and 30.6 percent in the U.K. Annual sales data puts a dent in Apple’s share in the US by almost 10 percent points, while in EU5 it is down by 6.6 percent points and in China it is down by 1.5 percent points.

On the other hand Android has managed to increase its share by 8.0, 7.6 and 4.9 percent points in US, EU5 and China respectively. Windows Phone has also managed to increase its share in US and EU5 to 4.7 percent and 10 percent respectively.

Kantar November 2013 data EU5

Kantar November 2013 data US