Sony announces PlayStation Now, cloud-based TV service at CES 2014


Sony has taken an all-cloud at CES 2014 by announcing not one but two services that rely on the cloud – PlayStation Now and a cloud-based TV service.

PlayStation Now is Sony’s Gaikai-powered service that will allow gamers to stream games from the cloud to their PS4, PS3, PS2, PS Vita over the cloud. The service won’t be limited to PlayStation consoles and even non-console users will be able to stream and play the games onto their smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs.

Closed beta of PlayStation Now will be launched sometime at the end of the running month and full rollout is slated for summer 2014.

Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment group CEO, also unveiled the company’s new cloud-based video service that aims to provide PlayStation owners easy access to TV content. The service, which is slated for testing in the US, will enable users to TV shows and movies whenever and on whatever device they want to including tablets and smartphones.

House used the stage to announce Sony’s feat of selling 4.2 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide – just a day after Microsoft announced that it had managed to sell over 3 million units of Xbox One.

[Image credit: CNET/James Martin]