Marissa Mayer announces Yahoo’s new ad platforms, digital magazines at CES 2014


Marissa Mayer took stage at CES and announced a suite of new advertising platforms along with new media sites and products ranging from improved Smart TV platform to image-heavy digital magazines.

During the hour long presentation at the Las Vegas Hotel theater Mayer announced three new advertising products that will not only help it to improve targeting, but will also enable advertisers and marketers to gain better control across all Yahoo’s assets – from weather to sports.

Yahoo claims that its Audience Ads and Ad Manager will help marketers buy ads and target specific types of users across dozens of websites including Tumblr.

Yahoo said that it is working towards providing clarity to its users through one solution to all their problems. “Yahoo is focused on cleaning up this complexity and providing clarity,” said Scott Burke, senior vice-president for advertising technology at Yahoo.

Mayer said during the presentation that Yahoo has been working towards reimaging its core businesses, which now include search, communications, media and video. Some of the new products announced under this new drive include ‘digital magazines’ – image-heavy websites on specific subjects ranging from technology to food; Yahoo News Digest – a twice daily alert of the top nine stories of the day with summaries; Yahoo Smart TV – a platform that will provide personalised recommendations from live TV to online streaming.

Further, Yahoo also announced acquisition of the yet to be formally launched Aviate. The new app is dubbed to have the capability of understanding what a user needs by learning their daily habits and showing them relevant information.