Nokia Normandy Android smartphone engineering prototype leaked


Another week another Nokia Normandy leak and this time is not just a screenshot of the probable interface – it’s a full-fledged engineering prototype.

The leak comes from Chinese Twitter user going by the Twitter handle @seamissu. The leakster claims that the handset is the engineering prototype of the long rumoured Nokia’s Android smartphone dubbed Normandy. The phone shows a Nokia branding on the screen rather than on the body. Further, the external design of the phone is hidden because of the frame covering the side panels of the smartphone.

At the bottom of the handset is the back button which is probably a capacitive touch button and not a physical button that you would normally find on Lumia smartphones.

There were reports that Nokia might not release an Android handset considering the impending acquisition by Microsoft, but the constant leaks indicate otherwise.

Screenshots of Normandy’s UI showed up on Twitter last week and late last year in December. The UI leaks indicate and support claims that Nokia will be reworking the standard Android interface and tweak it to make it look like Windows Phone UI and will promote its own and Microsoft’s apps including Skype, Nokia HERE, Nokia Music, among others.