Some Intel wearables at CES 2014 didn’t have Intel Inside claims site


Intel took the stage at CES 2014 and made a lot of heads turn – thanks to the hoard of wearable gadgets it showcased at the event. Intel showed off prototype gadgets and company CEO Brian Krzanich even went onto say that “We want to make everything smart–that is what Intel does.”

However, it seems that not everything that Krzanich showed off had Intel Inside it. Well that is what PCMag learned and was later confirmed by Intel spokesperson Bill Calder. Calder said that some of the reference designs brought to the CES 2014 stage had “third-party parts” in them. Intel didn’t confirm what ‘third-party parts’ were used; however, it did downplay the significance.

According to the report ‘Jarvis’ headset had ARM chippery instead of Intel’s CPU. Intel hasn’t confirmed this, but Calder did say that smart earbuds that had health and fitness capabilities used non-Intel circuitry.

“Would we use third-party technology to get an exciting new reference design out there, in front of people? Sure, but I wouldn’t read too much into that,” Calder said.

There isn’t much information other than what PCMag has revealed, but the point is if Intel was showing off reference designs and claiming that all of them had its own chips and some didn’t it is something that defeats the purpose of taking stage at an event like CES and boasting about future tech.